Like many others trying to generate income online, I began my internet marketing career in the hope of achieving financial freedom along with the personal freedom which comes with telling your boss you don’t need his job no more.

Not really having a clue what to do or how to go about it, I fell for the hype by signing up for every new program and product launch which came my way in the hope that this one would help me realize my dreams of internet marketing success.

Needless to say, I’ve been taken for a few rides and lost a considerable amount of money along the way. It left me feeling confused, overwhelmed, frustrated and tempted to give up the idea of making money online. I was experiencing the learning curve which many others go through before they realize the internet is not some magic money making machine.
But every time I got knocked down, I got up again, spurred on by the understanding of one very important concept in achieving success - perfectly phrased in this short but powerful proverb written by Calvin Coolidge (30th President of the United States) 


Press on; Nothing in the world can take the place of Persistence.
Talent will not; Nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with Talent.
Genius will not; Unrewarded Genius is almost a proverb.
Education will not; The world is full of Educated Derelicts.
Persistence and Determination Alone are omnipotent.

(This proverb has been a great source of inspiration for countless people pursuing success in all walks of life for well over a hundred years)

So, determined not to give up, I took some coaching lessons on affiliate marketing from a very highly regarded internet marketer who taught me a great deal of what I know today. Having had moderate success with affiliate marketing, I don’t profess to be a guru and appreciate the fact that there is always so much more to learn! At the very least I can hopefully be of assistance to others with their internet marketing endeavors.

Persistence and determination have brought me a long way, but there's still a long way to go - because success is a journey, not a destination. Once you embark on that journey there is no turning back. Moving forward is the only option - even if it's only one step at a time.

Anyone who seriously thinks of setting up an internet marketing business should look into it as a long-range career and not a get-rich-quick scheme. Internet marketing can be a very complex business and requires a lot of effort and attention to detail in order to really succeed. If you happen to be lazy, unorganized or pre-occupied then don’t even consider it.

There is no such thing as a free ride to a successful business, neither online or offline.  

A good place to start developing your online business is by setting a goal or a set of goals. You need to be both specific and realistic in describing your goal, setting a goal which is attainable, or within the realms of possibility. 

Rather than just say “My goal is to have a lot of money”, record something on your goal sheet like this:

“I want to make one million dollars within 5 years by starting an internet marketing business selling personal development products all over the world and by providing life coaching consultancy and conducting live seminars.”

Your goal should be measurable in order to track your progress, and include a time frame including a start date and a target date. This will enhance the prospect of actually achieving your goal.

Once you’ve identified your goals, list all the tasks which you will need to perform in order to achieve that goal. Each task can be broken down into smaller tasks which you use to set a daily schedule. A favorite piece of software I use is Word, in which I schedule tasks for the following day. This ensures I maintain focus on the task at hand with the knowledge I am always moving forward, one task at a time in order to achieve my goals.

A common mistake for many potential online marketers is to try to research, learn and perform too many tasks all at the same time, resulting in ineffectiveness – otherwise known as “spinning your wheels.” (All effort with no traction and going nowhere)
I know how keen we get trying to get things moving, but sometimes it’s better to try learning and applying one talent at a time and becoming proficient with one skill before tackling another.

To guarantee your success you need to understand what you are learning and why it will work, and then apply a proven formula or step-by-step plan to implement your strategy. This will leave no doubt in your mind as to the effectiveness of your efforts and you can rest assured that every step you take is purposeful and will be making you money either now or in the future.

The proven formula I use and recommend is 'The World's Most Powerful Money Making System', best described as a virtual franchise which provides you with everything you need to construct your very own online money making business.

Unless you are serious about making money online please DON'T click the link.


Feel free to bookmark this site, browse, download some of the free reports or video’s, or check out some of the programs and tools I use in my online marketing strategies.
If you have any questions or comments, or wish to request more information, just enter your details in the box provided. I will be more than happy to respond.

The World's Most Powerful Money Making System

I discovered ‘The World's Most Powerful Money Making System’  about 5 month's ago while reviewing another online money making opportunity. After some thorough research of TWMPMMS I decided to sign up to the 'By Invitation Only' classes, developed by self made millionaire Frank A Trueblood.

Frank delivers his system in a deliberate, controlled manner through a seemingly endless series of 'By Invitation Only' video classes, providing you with his step by step formula to financial success. Best described as a 'virtual franchise', Frank's system provides the franchisee with all the elements required to duplicate his success.

Frank describes himself as an ‘average guy’ who happens to have an uncanny affinity with patterns, formulas and systems. Described by many as a systems genius, Frank devised his system with the following formula in mind;

‘How can I make the most amount of Money,
•    In the least amount of Time,
•    With the least amount of Effort,
•    With the least amount of Investment?’

What he came up with is a very effective system which when applied using his multiple marketing strategies, will start earning huge sums of money. I must say that 'The World's Most Powerful Money Making System' is by far the most incredible online money making system I have ever tried. So far it has propelled me to an all time high with a ROI (Return on Investment) far exceeding any online marketing I have tried in the past.

Frank's System works for me and will work for you because it is duplicatable – that is, anybody can copy his well tested, tried and proven formula and obtain the same results. The system does not discriminate – it doesn’t care about your personality, what your name is, or who uses it.

Don't get me wrong - the World's Most Powerful Money Making System is not a get rich quick scheme. Learning and applying Frank's system will take time, money and effort. The ‘World's Most Powerful Money Making System’ delivers consistent results and recurring profits, so long as you drive the system.

If you follow each lesson carefully and apply his good, solid "Smart Marketing" and money making principles you will be successful.

Information overload is virtually eliminated as you learn and apply the techniques revealed in the World's Most Powerful Money Making System, one step at a time.

To hear Frank explain exactly how his system works and receive your invitation to the next ‘By Invitation Only’ video class, click on the banner below.

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Expect to make money!

To your success,

Michael Hutchings


Prosperity Marketing System

I'm going to hit you with an awful truth that
you probably don't want to hear. But it is for
your own good.

If you have tried opportunity after opportunity
and came up with nothing, it's not the fault of
the opportunity. It's your marketing.

The truth is, money can be made from ANY business
opportunity if you KNOW what you are doing. There
were, after all, successful people in each of the
businesses you attempted before - right? Then those
people must have been doing something right, and
you were simply doing something wrong.

As it was coined "knowledge is power", and it's

But - It's not your fault either. You just didn't know
better, until now. Today you can change your future
instead of repeating your history over and over

Today you can make a change in your marketing and
in only a few days be creating the income you always
desired. Achieving the dreams you always wanted.

The Prosperity Marketing System was created to quickly
and easily create prosperity for people just like you
and me. You have my word it works like a charm.

People Fail, But Systems Don't. A well-oiled system
like the Prosperity Marketing System is the difference
between your failure and your success.

The system does everything you could dream of, plus more:

Prosperity Marketing System

You will be branding yourself, building your list,
build YOUR business, customizing YOUR system, and
keeping pocket-loads of income to show for it.

Get started today and change your future forever:

To a brighter future,

Michael Hutchings

P.S. - Break the chain of history, and use proven
marketing strategies taught and used by the
Prosperity Marketing System. Better Marketing with
a proven system guarantees your success.


How to Build Your Business on a Budget

A Little Short On Cash Building Your Business?

Building your home business can truly be a costly one.  Each time you turn around you seem to spend every dollar you have on advertising and not getting ahead in your business.

You really can't get ahead in your business if you have to spend a ton on advertising, especially when you are first starting out.

Wouldn't it be nice if someone could show you basically step by step how you can build your home business without spending a ton of money while doing it?

Well, there is some good news.

I recently came across something that I think will really help your business as it has mine.

It is a videos series by a guy named Mike Dillard called "Building On A Budget".

In these videos Mike shows you how to build any home business for $500 or less.

I took these free videos and purchased his ridiculously low priced book, and within two weeks of applying the techniques he teaches and am now getting as many as 10 new qualified prospects per day. 

The best part is that I did not spend much money while doing it.

You can get free access to these videos by going here...



Enjoy your new found wealth,

Michael Hutchings


Is Your Thinking Making You Rich or Poor?


Is it your T-H-I-N-K-I-N-G that is stopping you becoming rich?

Ever wondered why the Rich get Richer and the Poor get Poorer?

Your Perception about Making Money could be causing you NOT to Make Money.

Learn how your attitude effects your bank balance.

See how with the correct attitude you can turn your
earning potential into overdrive.

Download this FREE E-BOOK and discover the hidden secrets which make wealthy people the way they are. Read it now and change your LIFE forever.

PS: You can rebrand and promote the e-book with your own embedded links to put your earnings into overdrive!


The New Plan Network

The New Plan Network or (Global NPN) is all about YOU and YOUR business. Global NPN provide you with all the tools you will need to be successful in this industry, and will also train you up in how to become a marketer and how to think like an entrepreneur.

Then, they help you build your own circle of influence and help your new recruits see the benefit of doing business with you in the long term when they are ready to do so.

And of course, they pay you to share this highly affordable training with others. Basically they pay you to build your business.

Imagine for a minute that you are able to put only highly qualified, motivated, and fully-trained distributors into your business who actually have money to invest in their own growth.

Do you think that would give you the upper hand?

They in turn become successful, which then makes you even more successful! This is the win-win situation everyone talks about online but never really gets to experience.

Here is a brief look at how Global NPN do this:

1) NPN provide you with your very own series of professional lead capture and squeeze pages, specifically designed to target individual advertising mediums, connected to a complete follow-up system that builds YOUR list, not ours.

2) NPN provide you with step-by-step guides, showing you exactly what needs to be done everyday, as well as complete guides for getting everything set up properly.

3) NPN provide you with pre-written ads for any type of advertising medium you can think of, designed by professional copywriters and created exclusively for us!

4) NPN provide you with total support through our members forum, email, Instant messenger, telephone, whatever you need to keep you on track and performing at your best.

5) NPN will provide you with everything you need to know, as well as allow access to special sections of our site and advanced trainings for those wishing to take this into overdrive.

Magnetic Sponsoring

Learn How to get Prospects Knocking on YOUR Door!

Attract an endless stream of new distributors and customers to you, with credit card in hand ready to join. Say goodbye to chasing people down to join your business and actually make money from all the people who say "no" to your opportunity.

Magnetic Sponsoring (aka 'attraction marketing') involves giving before wanting so in the process of giving valuable information to your leads and prospects they will in turn become attracted to your professionalism and leadership. Magnetic Sponsoring and attraction marketing is duplicable for everyone. Anyone who adds value to prospects and gives them information that they need and which is useful up front can do well.

Mike Dillard's 7 Day Free Video Boot Camp explains how to attract an endless stream of prospects to you ready to join and actually get paid to prospect.

These videos have really changed the way I do my business, and I think they can help you too.

You can get free instant access to these free videos here...


Michael Hutchings


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