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It's not enough anymore just to go buy a good domain name, hang up your shingle and the world beats a path to your door to buy whatever you are selling. The Internet has become a lot more sophisticated than that.

It is becoming increasingly important to not only have a good domain name and a nice looking website to go with it but to also brand your own personal name as well. Your personal name is becoming as important as your business domain name. People not only want to know what business they are dealing with but also who the person is behind that great domain name.

When a search is done for your personal name as well as your business name or keyword, you want to make sure the right information comes up. You also want it to be convenient for your potential customer to find you in a split second - not long frustrating minutes or hours trying to figure out if they have the right business or person they are looking for. You must also stand out among the vast crowd on the Internet ... and the Internet is becoming more and more crowded every day. That's where SEO, or search engine optimization, also comes into play.

When you have all the pieces in place: your personal name, a good business domain name, a matching email address, a good professional-looking website and SEO, that is what we call total web congruency. Total web congruency means your domain name matches your email name, which also matches your website, and your website is search engine friendly, more commonly known as being optimized.

That is why every person on the Internet needs their own WhoIsDirectory personal domain name and website. There is no second guessing when you type in WhoIs(YourPersonalName).com and, at the very top of your website, it says Who Is Your Personal Name. Then "You" get to tell the world who you are in your own words or, if you prefer, you can simply choose a style of a WhoIsDirectory ready-made website, click publish and you have an instant Internet presence.

When you have a WhoIsDirectory website package, your web presence is totally congruent. The WhoisDirectory ready-made website also allows you to list your other businesses, your profile, drive more traffic to your website and even capture leads - all while making an extra income from promoting your WhoIsDirectory domain name and website.

The same holds true for your WhoIsDirectory business domain name, keyword or keyword phrase and website. Let's just say that you own and a person types in Because of our total congruency, your website comes up before approximately 30 million other search results. There the person sees that you cared enough about your potential customers to make it easy for them to find your business.

Something magical happens as well. You can also list your personal WhoIs(YourPersonalName).com affiliate link on your business website and your potential customers can get the information on you right there, without searching aimlessly all over the Internet to find your personal information. This also keeps your potential customers from getting distracted and going somewhere else and forgetting all about you or your business. 

Another very important part of the WhoIsDirectory website is the built-in lead capture portion of the website. Everybody on the Internet knows how important it is to capture a potential customer's email and name even if they are just visiting your website looking for more information. That's where the saying "the money is in the list" came from.

If you are going to have a long-term successful online business, you must be able to capture your visitor's email and name to build your list. The tricky part is, it must not be obvious or threatening in any way or your customers will simply not give you their information.

Well, on the WhoIsDirectory websites there is a non-invasive lead capture box that your potential customers can quickly and easily select, and they can even ask a question about a particular product or service you offer without feeling pressured. Your WhoIsDirectory website becomes your automatic list builder in a very friendly manner.

There are many other reasons every person and business on the Internet needs their own WhoIsDirectory websites. Besides the ease of people finding exactly what and who they are looking for, just imagine this: The Internet has been going for a few years now and all of the clever domain names are gone. But, there was a huge mistake made. Nobody thought ahead of time on how to categorize all of those domain names in an easy searchable format.

Well how would you like the chance to start all over again but this time you can do it the right way with the right domain name, personal, business, keyword or keyword phrase with the ease of people finding you in a mere second? How would you like the perfect domain name, which first of all is your personal name, as in WhoIs(YourPersonalName).com? Now there is absolutely no confusion, misguided information or, worse yet, someone's negative opinion about the wrong you.

How would you like to get the perfect name for your business this time, as in And ... you can get the perfect domain name with the best recognized, most highly used and sought-after extensions like: .com, .info, .mobi, .net, .org, .biz - literally any extension. How would you like to tell your customers about exactly what they are looking for, at the exact moment they are looking to find it, without them needing to leave your website to search for that information? Also wouldn't it be really nice, without knowing a bunch of technical jargon like search engine optimization (SEO) or HTML or PHP coding, that your website would be search engine friendly for better placement?

Well how would you also like the added bonus of making a great income from referring other people to your WhoIsDirectory website, which you are doing anyway? While the person is there checking out your WhoIs(Personal).com,  your WhoIs(Business).com or your WhoIs(Keyword).com website for your product or service, and they purchase their own WhoIsDirectory web package from your built-in referral link on your WhoIsDirectory website, you make a full 37% or $3 commission on the sale of that WhoIsDirectory website, plus $3 a month for their website hosting. That is part of the shared revenue business model. That is really just a no-brainer, isn't it? You get to make extra money from the traffic already visiting your website.

What if you actually made it a point to actively tell other people about the incredible opportunity and you had your own website like or Well, with our generous shared revenue payout of 37% or $3 commission on every website purchased, plus $3 a month hosting on every website, there are regular people from all walks of life making full-time incomes just working part time.

At only $47.95 $9.95 for the first year and only $47.95 $9.95 for each year thereafter, the WhoIsDirectory websites are very inexpensive. Having just one regular website built normally can cost anywhere from $199 to $2,000 or more and this is without being able to get a premium domain name or being able to edit or update the site at any moment you choose.

If you do not already have your WhoIsDirectory personal or business domain name and website, you should go get one or both of them immediately ...

Getting started is fast and easy, but remember, it's just like the Internet starting all over again. When a premium business, keyword or keyword phrase domain name is gone, it's gone. This includes people with the same name as yours; when your name is gone, it's gone.

Get the perfect personal, business, keyword or keyword phrase domain name with the most recognized and highly sought-after extensions like: .com, .info, .mobi, .net, .org, .biz - literally any extension. It is very important to know that each personal, business, keyword or keyword phrase domain name will be accepted only once!

For example, may be accepted. Once it is accepted by WhoIsDirectory, will not be accepted. This is to ensure that your website is the only one that comes up when searched for and that you only have to pay once for your desired personal, business, keyword or keyword domain name.   

Isn't it time for you to get your own WhoIsDirectory personal, business, keyword or keyword domain names and websites? Click on the link below that says "Get Your Own WhoIsDirectory Website!"

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